Meaning Making Machines

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Title/h x w: Meaning Making Machines, 52" x 58"

Original Mix Medium Painting

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About this one of a kind piece

Painted in my 100 Sunrise studio, Toronto  and is the first painting I created after attending a Life Curriculum Forum. Feeling extremely experimental, I used many different tools (mop and broom heads, brushes, palette knives, my hands both scattering and throwing, rollers and twine) and exuberantly mashed my emotions onto the canvas. We, as humans, are meaning making machines. We put meaning onto everything that we think, say and do. We create our own unique interpretations of our every day existence and we make it real.

Artwork specifications

  • Medium: Acrylic, Spray, Cloth, and Hand-dyed String On Canvas
  • Size: 52"h x 58"w x 1.5"d (approx. 132 x 147 x 4 cm)
  • Stretched and ready to hang on Gallery Grade, solid wood frame.