Mayan Your Own Business

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Title/h x w: Mayan Your Own Business, 68" x 68"

Original Acrylic Painting

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About this one of a kind piece

Created while remembering the Mayan rituals I learned about during my 6 month residency in Mexico. I had really immersed myself in their culture and it was the first country I had solo traveled for months at a time. I had become introverted in a way, a spectator, a true listener and truly stripping away everything I thought I knew about myself. The Mayans have a deep history that is still practiced and cherished, taught and carried on. Since then, I use Copal to cleanse the air and connect with my environment, to clear my thoughts and to ground myself. On the particular day I started this painting I had gone to my favourite tree and set up for meditation and let my mind wander back to one of the most spiritual places I have ever encountered. The Mayan way is a beautiful way of life.

Original artwork specifications

  • Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
  • Size: 68"h x 68"w x 1.5"d (approx. 173 x 173 x 4 cm)
  • Stretched and ready to hang on Gallery Grade, solid wood frame.