Leave Your Mark Like A Tiger's Claw

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Original Acrylic Painting

Canadian Artist Victoria Manning’s Pure Abstractions make a big bold statement on your wall. They invite you to see and feel emotions that relate to your existing life, past experiences and places traveled.

Title/h x w: Leave Your Mark Like A Tiger's Claw, 60" x 66"

About this one of a kind piece

Painted in my 100 Sunrise Studio, Toronto, Canada

Ferocious thoughts come out to play with this particular piece. It's about action and courage, being bold instead of having doubts, taking on the World and thinking about what you want to leave behind.

After delving deep into a Life Curriculum course, where among many other things, taught me about proper communication with the people around me. The fluidity of this type of connection and realizing how to remove the over-thought complexity of how to speak my mind in a more constructive way, comes through onto the canvas and allows the viewer to easily interpret their own life experiences in every piece.

Artwork specifications

  • Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
  • Size: 60"h x 66"w x 1.5"d
  • Stretched and ready to hang on Gallery Grade, solid wood frame.