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So ya need a bit more info, or you want to make sure I'm the real deal...maybe we just don't know each other yet and hey, I can be cautious too, no worries!

Making one of my large abstracts yours is a love affair not to be taken lightly. I know you will be enamored with it in the end, but you may need a little time and space to make sure you are ready to commit to me. You can make a deposit to hold the painting and continue the discussion with me of options/timing/our new relationship, whatever it is you need to feel happy and secure... I am here for you :)

What happens when you make a deposit to hold your favorite painting(s):

I will receive an email right away like any other order and will respond within a couple of hours unless it is in the middle of the night where I am and am getting some zzzz's. I will shoot you a message back to find out which painting it is that you are wanting to hold (then mark it as sold on my website). Together we shall figure out and answer any questions you may have and what steps we need to take to get you the painting of your dreams onto your wall ....ahhhhh Kismet.

PS: No shipping costs are added at this time when you make a $500 deposit. There is shipping up to $500 (if you are outside Canada and Continental US, which is free) that will be settled at the time of the remaining balance.